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Caitlin o'reilly

Is the designer / maker and chief clay pusher at Cylinder Studio. After falling in love with clay at the age of 9, she has followed her dream and eagerly awaited kiln openings for most of her life.

After attending Sheridan College and Kootenay School of Art and Design, Caitlin continued her practice in various clay co-operatives in Toronto. While in Toronto, Caitlin worked in the children's television industry as a puppet and prop maker for CBC, YTV,Nickelodeon & PBS.Her puppet website is online at caitlinoreilly.com






Cylinder studio

A contemporary ceramics studio creating functional wares with emphasis on form, texture and subtlety.


The studio produces works of high-fire porcelain and stoneware; porcelain for its strength, refined look & beautiful reaction to custom glazes & stoneware for its earthen, iron rich clay body.

While tableware is the backbone of what Cylinder Studio produces, Caitlin has always had a love of textiles & has recently introduced a jewelry line, large and small scale custom macrame,tassels & wall-hangings incorporating clay, cotton rope & linen string.


Cylinder Studio is the located in the historic House of Falconer building in Prince Edward County, Ontario. A known artist enclave, a 'farm to table' food scene surrounded by numerous beaches & wineries.